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PostSubject: Goosebumps   Thu Feb 07, 2008 7:23 am

Did anyone ever read Goosebumps the series by R.L. Stine? Well I wrote this story trying to turn it into a Goosebumps story. I haven't finished it yet. Tell me what you think of it so far!

Double Trouble

Chapter 1

Joe was walking up to the attic with his brother Kurt because they had to unpack, they had just moved to New
York from Arizona. "Come on Kurt." Joe said as Kurt was lagging behind. "Okay, okay." Kurt replied. As they
reached the attic Joe thought about having to go to school tommorrow. He wished he had a clone so that he
wouldn't have to go. While they were going back up to explore since they had been unpacking for a while Joe
caught something in the corner of his eye. "Hey, um Kurt can you go tell mom that I left one hundred bucks in
the old house?" Joe said nervously. "What the heck did you just say?!?!" Kurt screeched back. "Just tell her
okay???" Joe said. "Fine. But you are gonna be so busted." Kurt said as he jogged out of the room. Yes... Joe
thought as he walked to where he saw the thing. It was a strange object. It had a compartment that was very
small. It had a trapdoor in the back. He pushed on it. It gave in and he fell through. Something plucked one
of the hairs off the top of his head. There was a whirring sound outside. Suddenly the door opened and there
was loud breathing in front of the machine. He walked to the front. There was a person that looked exactly like
him! "What the-" he got cut off when Kurt came running into the room. He shoved the "clone" behind him.
"Boy is mom steamed!" Kurt said shaking his head. Joe said, "Um... How about you go play with one of the new
neighbors?" "Well... Ok." Kurt said. Finally, Joe thought, some time alone to investigate. He turned to the clone.
" Who... What are you?" the clone said. "I'm Joe. Who are you?!" the real Joe said. "I'm Joe!" the clone said.

Chapter 2
"What??!!" the real Joe said. "Well you see I guess that machine's trap door thing gave in when you pushed on it
and well you know the rest." the clone said. "Guess so..." Joe murmered. "Hey I've got an idea! First of all are
you any better in school than I am?" Joe asked excitedly. "How am I supposed to know??" Joe # 2 said. "Oh I'm
sorry I didn't think about that." Joe said glumly. "Do you know what I was gonna say anyway?" he said sudden-
ly. "Of course, it's obvious." Joe # 2 said snottily. "Well PARDON me!" Joe # 1 said sensitively. "Please??" he then
begged. "Fine." Joe # 2 said wearily. The next day Joe # 2 to Joe's new school for his first day. He was worse in school
than Joe # 1 was. He made sure that all of his classmates were his enemies. The next day Joe # 1 went to school and
it seemed like everyone hated him. In Spelling class someone offered to give him the words. He accepted.
They gave him fake words. Then at Math somebody tripped him while he was walking to the chalkboard.
In Gym they played dodgeball and everybody wanted to be on Robert's team. They all threw the dodgeballs at Joe as hard
as they could. After he got home he searched out Joe 2. He shouted "What did you do yesterday to make everyone hate me?!"
Joe 2 simply said "They hate you? Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't want that to happen." he said with a rambunctious look on his face.
Joe 1 thought He must be the opposite of me. He must only look like me!
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